Thursday, July 26, 2012

So it begins...

Last night at a National Urban League gathering in New Orleans, President Obama revealed his true intentions:

After paying lip service to the 2nd Amendment and hunting, he made the following statement:

"I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals," Obama said. "That they belong on the battlefield of war, not on the streets of our cities."

I don't even know where to start with that statement. First off Mr. President, you are obviously unaware of how difficult it is to legally get an actual fully-automatic AK-47 here in the US, and also unaware that fully automatic AK-47's, to the best of my knowledge, never actually get used to commit crimes here. Secondly, since the CO shooter (won't mention his name to deny him the publicity) used an AR-15 type rifle, I can only assume this is your way of saying that you're coming after any firearm that looks scary.

For the uninformed, I can only assume Obama, unintentionally, is speaking of semi-automatic AK-47 "clones" similar to this one:

Sure looks frightening, doesn't it? I mean, its got that big magazine, and a pistol grip, and a bayonet lug, and it can spray bullets automagically at hundreds of rounds per second ...ooooo its so dangerous.<insert eyeroll>

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a particularly powerful, or accurate weapon. They're tons of fun to shoot, but buying one does not somehow turn a shooter into the Terminator or a sniper. Lets break this down...for starters....its a "semi-automatic", that means every time someone pulls the trigger, a single bullet is fired. To fire another bullet, one must pull the trigger again. It is not capable of spray fact, after the initial shot, accuracy for any type of rapid fire shooting goes downhill extremely fast due to the muzzle rise. The magazine size is therefore irrelevent, it could be 1 round, 5 rounds, or wouldn't matter past the first one.

The "bayonet lug" is a stub of steel on the front of the barrel...when was the last time someone went on a "bayonet rampage" knifing everyone in sight? Right...

The pistol grip does not enable spray firing from the hip, it actually is prohibitive of firing from the hip due to the awkward wrist angle that would be formed.

Given all that, my new deer rifle, a Savage 110, chambered in .30-06, is a heck of a lot more powerful, accurate and has a longer range than even the most souped up AK-clone.

Muzzle energy in ft lbs.
180gr bullet in .30-06 = 2913 ft/lbs
124gr bullet in 7.62x39 = 1520 ft/lbs

Mr. President, banning any firearm based solely on its cosmetic looks it disingenuous to your stated goals of cutting down on violence. The cosmetic looks of any particular platform do nothing to enhance its effectiveness or "perceived" lethality. Remember Carolyn McCarthy (noted gun ban politician from New York) - she didn't even know what her proposed ban features were...

#criminal control not #gun control Mr. President!!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Condition White

Being aware of your surroundings. What does that mean?

It means know whats going on around you. The conditions, the mood, the people, the animals, the can mean the difference between walking safely, and getting hit by a truck!

Our opponents appear to believe that, somehow, having any type of situational awareness of your surroundings is limited solely to "combat" and has no place other than that.


Keeping your wits about you is simply common doesn't call for it only in a combat situation. Out and about in a city, the woods, a lake, anywhere - maintaining an awareness of your surroundings is a great way to stay out of potential trouble of the two-legged, four-legged, electrical, traffic, etc varieties!


P.S. #pointandlaugh

Must have struck a nerve...

So, apparently either the pointing and laughing...or constantly insisting that they tell the truth must have finally struck a nerve over at the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership. In grand @CSGV style I've been "outed" as a gun blogger! I feel this is a momentous occasion, and I'll celebrate tomorrow by going to the range. Gee whiz guys...little old me bugging you? Is it because you don't like the truth being told in amongst all your lies? It's you who didn't answer my question about the nutcase in Seattle. Was he convicted of an offense that would disqualify him from owning firearms? No. Had his "mental illness" ever been medically documented? No. Keep on reaching though, apparently we're all just one wooden ball away from snapping! Pat P.S. #pointandlaugh #pointandlaugh

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Joan's Breakdown...

She's now reduced to publishing SPAM comments to try and show support...

Sad Joan...sad...

Monday, April 30, 2012

Women and guns

A "noted" gun control advocate here in Minnesota (who won't be linked since I don't want to drive her Google ranking up) is also involved in Women's Domestic Violence issues here in the state as well.

Before going too far into this, I will absolutely support a woman's right to be free from violence of any type (foreign or domestic). Joan on the other hand - though she pays it lip service - actually advocates for female victims to be defenseless against their aggressors. In numerous examples on her blog, she states that people should simply comply with their aggressors, and that they'll come out ok. When pushed by commentors as to whether she advocates for women to be armed against rape, she undoubtedly comes back with an obfuscation or smoke screen...never making a firm statement either way. Such as this...

Here's the article she linked. I'm thinking she missed a portion of it.

To reiterate her position on resisting an atacker, here's her in a recent blog post about a defensive shooting at the Aldi's in Milwaukee:

...I carry to prevent the "maybes" Joan....and I advocate that all women do as well! They should be given the tools to fight back as effectively as possible.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Failure of "Gun Control"

I came of age during the "hayday" of the American Gun Control movement...late 80's, early 90's. "Assault Weapons" Ban, Brady Checks...things were looking good for Handgun Control Inc Brady Campaign.

Flip that around -- expiration of "Assault Weapons" Ban, record numbers of states amending carry laws, record numbers of firearms purchased, carry permit increase, Discovery Channel programming, etc etc etc.

What changed? Why/how did the US go from "Gunz R bad" to "Guns are cool"?

I put that on the growth of the Internet, and the freedom of information residing on it. For years, the Anti's and Laddites spewed factually incorrect GARBAGE about the capabilities of firearms, the "inherrent" dangers, and made up numbers. People really had no way of refuting it, short of listening to the recitations from the media. Enter the era of wide-spread access to the Internet.

Lo and behold, turns out firearms aren't the "mass-murdering machines" we've all been led to believe....turns out shooting is actually quite an enjoyable time. Turns out its actually LEGAL to carry a concealed weapon (subject to State and local laws of course)!

Nowadays, the "Anti's" can't make a single statement in the media, Facebook, Twitter or in person without it being thoroughly fisked before they can even shut down the laptop. Most Americans understand that forearm owners and users aren't the mass-murdering criminals they've been portrayed to be.

Plus, a beautiful night out at the range is a thing of beauty!

Thank you Internet! I think I owe you a cold one!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rule #2 Violation Claims Life of MN Marine in TX

"Pavelko has said the shooting of his buddy was an accident. Police say Pavelko told investigators that the two men were joking around after dinner and had no idea that the shotgun was loaded.
Pavelko allegedly was handling the shotgun, pointed it at Talley and it discharged. A woman was also at the home at the time of the shooting."


Rule #1: Its always loaded
Rule #2: Don't point it at anything you don't want to destroy
Rule #3: Keep your finger off the trigger
Rule #4: Be Sure of your target

Even when "joking" - pointing ANY firearm at anyone as a "joke" is despicable, and should be grounds for immediate verbal "smack-down" and possible termination of friendship. At the very least, it requires immediate correction.

That is all.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Martin/Zimmerman Shooting

By now, you've all probably been inundated with coverage of the unfortunate incident of Trayvon Martin in Sanford FL. Needless to say, the gun-control fanatics are so absolutely salivating over this incident there are not even words to describe my disgust. Sebastian has a pretty good summary of this all over at his place.

Even japete is in on the "blood dancing" over at her blog "". I won't provide a link since I don't think she should get the stats, but look it up for yourself. I submitted a comment for publishing, and it made it through her "Reasoned Discourse" filter. Judge for yourself if I was out of line with this comment (and check out her response):

In her responses, she spouts the party lines so frequently I almost think her blog is occasionally ghost-written by the interns at CSGV. Joan, it SHOULD be hard to prosecute people due to a lack of evidence. Your complaint isn't with "Stand Your Ground" or firearm owners - its with something called "Due Process" of law that we have here in the US.

Did the Sanford PD botch the investigation? No. Its ongoing, and now involves the Justice Dept. due to the "racial" overtones. In the absence of over-whelming evidence to the contrary, the Sanford PD didn't have anything other than a body at the scene of the crime and the words of an injured Zimmerman. Due process of law dictates that without evidence to the contrary, you don't unlawfully arrest someone just "because" - no matter how much of a bad taste that puts into the public's and media's mouths. Contrary to the other side's assertions - Zimmerman represents lawful firearm owners/carriers about as much as the Westboro Baptist Church represents Christians.

Let me say again for the record, the evidence at this point seems to show Mr. Zimmerman is guilty of being a mall ninja, and taking his "authority" out on an innocent teenage boy. For this, he should be subjected to trial by an impartial jury.

All this has led me to this thought. Sometimes people do bad things, and unfortunately, other peoples' lives are indelibly effected by this. The best we can do is prepare ourselves and our children for that.

Prayers for the Martin and Zimmerman families, that they may find peace and justice in this troubling time.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home Defense

My 870 Express wearing a Blackhawk Knoxx Stock, 2 round mag extension, and "breacher" style muzzle break. Between the Knoxx Stock and muzzle break, brings the recoil down to a mild .410 like kick, even from slugs and 3" buckshot. I keep it filled with Federal #4 Buckshot.

My carry pistol, xD45 Compact with Pierce Grip Extensions (for that hanging pinky).

The pictures are my way of channeling Oleg Volk! Seriously though, a decent pump shotgun and pistol should be in everyone's home safe (along with training in how to use them). There are plenty of options for keeping these out of curious hands as well. Best option is a bedside electronic or biometric safe like this guy for your pistol. Full sized safe or cabinet for the shotty kept somewhere close by.

As always, stay safe.


This is why we win...

More women are learning to shoot...

See...according to our opponents, this doesn't happen. They'd prefer to continue lying to themselves, while maintaining their Joyce Foundation funding.

Keep it up ladies! Anyone wants to shoot in Saint Paul, just let me know. Oakdale Gun Club is but a short drive away, and I'm a member.

See you at the range!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ammunition Terminology

So - every now and then someone in the media gets it in their heads to try and explain ammunition to the market. They undoubtedly get it wrong.

For starters...these are bullets:

When combined with brass/steel case, powder, and a primer -- they make a loaded cartridge like these:

Now, there are different kinds of bullets -- but generally, most jacketed bullets (so called due to the copper cladding on the exterior) fall into two categories, soft/hollow point (SP/HP) or Full Metal Jacket (FMJ).

Hollow or soft-point (HP/SP) bullets are typically chosen for hunting and self-defense applications due to their "expansion" as they impact tissue. This expansion increases the overall diameter of the bullet, causing more damage as it passes through. Contrary to popular belief, they do not "explode" once inside tissue. Conversely, full metal jacketed (FMJ) rounds typically expand very little, if at all.

These are Federal and Speer handgun ammunition. From left to right:

1) Speer Gold Dot .45 JHP 230gr
2) Federal Hydrashok .45 JHP 230gr
3) Federal Guard Dog .45 EMJ 165gr
4) Federal American Eagle .45FMJ 230gr

You can see the expansion of the first three, and the lack thereof for the fourth. The expansion causes the bullet to expend its kinetic energy rather quickly upon entering tissue, thereby reducing penetration. The issue with non-expanding ammo for self-defense would be that, were you to ever have to use it, it might go right on through your intended target, and into whatever is beyond before it fully expends its energy.

Carry ammunition is a personal choice, but as my carry permit instructor always said, you're responsible for every bullet that comes out. I'd rather they stay where I put them.

Keep on keepin' on.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So -- do you have one yet?

Why not? $170 for a WWII rifle and 440 rounds of ammo...whats not to like??

Plus, when you run out of ammo, it makes a great hammer and shish-ka-bob maker!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Buying a handgun in MN

So, you want to buy a handgun.

Now the does this work, what are the laws, what can/can't I buy?

For someone (like me) who wasn't brought up with anything other than a Red Ryder BB gun...buying my first handgun was an experience.

2006...specifically Fall of 2006...October to be precise. I'd had an experience. We were doing a fairly drastic remodel of the house we'd just purchased, without living there at the time. Due to space at the in-laws, where the fam was camped, I was working out of a small 2nd story office (which was the only part not being worked on) in the house.

I'd come over to the house one evening after dark to work for a few hours, and I'd found muddy footprints (not my own) extending into the basement from the unlocked door. After determining no one was in the house (in hindsight not the brightest course of action), I'd gone up to work in my office. It was later I decided that, had there been someone there, it might not have ended well for me. This drove me to hit Gander Mountain the next day - again, not the best choice for overall value or experience, but HEY, I was learning.

Now, I knew enough to have what Minnesota calls a "Permit to Purchase a Handgun" that I'd gotten from my local police department after going in person, filling out a form, and waiting ~7 days. You'll need one of these before you can buy anything from a licensed dealer in Minnesota. You could also go all out and get a Minnesota Carry Permit as well -- those will also function as a purchase permit.

I hit Gander one afternoon after everything was done for the day. Walked back to the gun counter, and the conversation went something like this:

"Hey, can I help you?" - GM guy
"Yeah, I'm looking to buy a pistol." - Me
"What kind?"

Well, there was the question. I'd shot a friends 9mm Hi-Point (don't judge me) and his Jennings .22 (again with the not judging). I knew those were crap (sorry Jay) - so I asked for something "better than a Hi Point".

"Polymer or steel frame" - GM guy
"Um....what?" - Me

Yeah, I didn't know the difference just a little over 5 years ago...I ended up being sold on a Springfield xD9. A pretty nice little semi-auto, and in hindsight, something I never should have sold, since it turns out I shot it best of all.

"Lets do the paperwork, have you got your permit?"

A review of my permit, driver's license, filled out Form 4473, and call to NICS (with a "proceed"), and I was out the door with my new toy, a box of hollow point Winchester white box, and no idea what to do next - I went to the range, by myself...thats another story.

The moral of this story:

1) Learn firearm's safety (MN DNR has an excellent course).
2) Take a "Intro to Handguns" class at a local range.
3) Get comfortable shooting handguns, know what works for you, and how they function.
4) Get your Permit to Purchase (or go all out and just get your Carry Permit, it works as a Purchase Permit too).
5) Go buy it (and a safe place to store it as well).

...and for heaven's sake, don't go to Gander Mountain to buy it!


Joan's Lies

So, I have to point out an outright lie being circulated on Twitter by an opponent of MN HF1467/SF1357 -- aka. the "Stand Your Ground" law currently before the Senate for debate.

In her tweet, Joan points out that this bill (to which they apply the cute monicker of "Shoot First") would make it easier to kill cops. Really Joan?

I'll point out MN Statute 609.06 Subd. 2:

Subd. 2.Deadly force used against peace officers.
Deadly force may not be used against peace officers who have announced their presence and are performing official duties at a location where a person is committing a crime or an act that would be a crime if committed by an adult.

The language very clearly prohibits a person from murdering an announced Police Officer. There is nothing in HF1467/SF1357 that would change this language.

Lies again Joan...shame on you!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Starbucks Run

With my xD45c snug in my outside retention holster, I headed to Starbucks in West St. Paul just after lunchtime today.

A Venti Caramel Macchiato and a $20 gift card were on the menu for me....with a $2 bill tip in the barista's jar. I thanked them for supporting human rights. They didn't seem to bat an eye.

On my way out, there were two guys who stopped me due to my "Self Defense is a Human Right" button. Ended up that I'd corresponded with him via a local gunnie forum. We sat and bs'd for about 45 minutes about hunting and shooting.

Best part, I left with an invitation to go duck hunting with him and his buddy this fall.

Gunnies are good people!


Friday, February 10, 2012

HF1467 is out of committee!!!

...and heading back to the floor for debate and a vote!

For those unfamiliar with the progress of HF1467 (and its sister bill in the Senate SF1357) -- these were the "Defense of Dwelling and Person Act of 2011" - now updated for 2012.

Key points:

1) Removes the duty to retreat in a self-defense situation

2) Recognizes all other States Carry Permits (goes a long way towards making it less of a hassle for me and other when traveling).

3) Removes the ability for law-enforcement to confiscate firearms or enact emergency laws forbidding their possession or use during a local disaster or emergency (ala Katrina in New Orleans where the police went door to door confiscating firearms).

All in all, not bad legislation -- call or write your representative today!



So, one of my Uncles introduced me to the world of Curios and Relics. I was struck.

It led to me acquiring a series of the US M weapons (M1, M1 Carbine, M1903, M1917, M1903A3) - by the way, if you don't have an M1 Garand from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), what are you waiting for????

I started down the dark, dirty, and greasy road of the axis and allies. Nagants, K98's, Enfields...all shipped directly to my door, courtesy of my 03FFL license from the ATF.

These are remarkably easy to obtain for the law-abiding amoungst us, and I encourage everyone to investigate getting one!

Happy shooting everyone!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Carrying a firearm in MN

I've eluded to it before once or twice...but in Minnesota there is no such thing as "Conceal and Carry".

MN has a "carry" law that allows permitted citizens of MN and recognized certain other states to carry a firearm either openly or concealed. Both methods require a valid carry permit (I hear from time to time that open carry doesn't require a does in MN, read the statute!).

Now, open carry has its advantages and disadvantages -- same with concealed.

Just wanted everyone aware of that. Take care and stay safe!


More MN Firearms Law

Living in the great State of Minnesota has some advantages:

Warm (not hot) summers
Lakes, therefore great fishing!
Few (if any) poisonous animals
Generally high standard of living
Good Firearms laws (except the whole supressor thing, but thats another post)

Today's entry on that last point is the Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act (MNPPA) also known as the "Conceal(sic) and Carry Law". I could spend the whole time typing about the law and all its wonders. But I'm going to focus on a narrow provision of it thats currently giving a friend of mine some trouble.

Once a citizen (in good standing) of Minnesota goes through the process to qualify for, and receive their "carry" permit - they must constantly be aware of where they may, and may not carry their firearm.

Today's topic: Colleges and Universities

These come in two flavors here in MN - public and private. Private institutions are no different than any other private property, and, for better or worse, you must respect the property owner's wishes regarding access (and conditions) on their property.

Public institutions here in MN are a different story though, thanks to the MNPPA. I'll point out the following language from MN Statute 624.714:

Subd. 18.Employers; public colleges and universities.(a) An employer, whether public or private, may establish policies that restrict the carry or possession of firearms by its employees while acting in the course and scope of employment. Employment related civil sanctions may be invoked for a violation.

(b) A public postsecondary institution regulated under chapter 136F or 137 may establish policies that restrict the carry or possession of firearms by its students while on the institution's property. Academic sanctions may be invoked for a violation.
(The bolding is mine).

The words "Employees" and "students" is significant. Notice whats missing?

The words "EVERYONE ELSE" or "GENERAL PUBLIC". As in, a public University or College in our great state may NOT invoke or create any policies/rules/regulations banning permitted carry from their premises.

They simply can't do, that doesn't mean they won't try.

As my friend "Lumpy" recently pointed out on a local Forum:

"Except that if a State Fair cop or a University cop tells you you're trespassing and that you must leave immediately, then the only right you have left at that point is to sue after the fact. If you argue and refuse, then you've failed the attitude test, and you're guilty of refusing a police order, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, etc., etc., etc. And no matter what eventually happens regarding your carrying, you still disrespected authority. There is nothing more terrifying, nothing, than being at the mercy of a bully with a badge."

True -- the police officer would be wrong, but you'd only be entitled to as much justice as you can afford.

Stay safe out there!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Starbucks Appreciation Day

I realize many of you guys probably don't buy expensive coffee often (myself included), but this was too good to pass up.

The Coalition Against Human Rights Gun Violence (CSGV or some other shell) is organizing a "Boycott Starbucks" day on Valentine's Day, February 14th. Naturally, the Pro-Gunnie Blogs are organizing a counter protest called "Starbucks Appreciation Day". Go to Starbucks on the 14th, and buy something -- even a small cup of coffee. Be sure to tell them you're there because they respect human rights, and the law! Show them just how many of us are out there - Grassroots organizing is what we do best.

Info @Sebastian's


Friday, January 20, 2012

"Stand Your Ground"

So, last year, we tried to amend Minnesota's self-defense laws in a positive way.

Currently, MN self-defense law consists of 609.06, which reads, in part ('cause its long):

Subdivision 1.When authorized...reasonable* force may be used upon or toward the person of another without the other's consent when the following circumstances exist or the actor reasonably* believes them to exist: (*there's that "reasonable person" standard popping up)

(1) (deals with police)

(2) (deals with arrest not by police)

(3) when used by any person in resisting or aiding another to resist an offense against the person; or

(4) when used by any person in lawful possession of real or personal property, or by another assisting the person in lawful possession, in resisting a trespass upon or other unlawful interference with such property; or

etc etc etc

So there it is. You're allowed to use reasonable force when resisting an offense against you, or someone else. "Reasonable" force means, if you're confronted by someone waving a feather - you're not allowed to shoot them. However, if you're confronted with a fear of death or great bodily harm - you've thereby met the standard. Now, many have pointed out: "But that doesn't look so bad, it would appear you can defend yourself anywhere, anytime".

BUT we must then turn to "case" law. I must state that I'm not a lawyer (and don't rely on my statements alone - better yet, look them up for yourself!).

State v. Johnson, 277 Minn. 368, 373, 152 N.W.2d 529, 532 (1967) wrote:
It is well settled that there is a duty to retreat and avoid danger if reasonably possible.

State v. Austin, 1983, 332 N.W.2d 21. Homicide 1485 wrote:
...[B]efore you can avail yourself of self-defense, you must retreat and avoid the danger if you can reasonably do so....[I]f you can reasonably avoid it, you must retreat and avoid the danger, rather than charge into the fight and flail away....

These were two cases which brought up whats referred to as the "duty to retreat". Basically, when confronted by a "reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm" you must first try to get away from the situation.

Now, most of us don't go looking for trouble. I was told a long time ago by my parents: "Don't do STUPID things, with STUPID people, in STUPID places." So, stay away from trouble -- however, if trouble finds you...doesn't matter if its in your garage, the parking lot at the mall, the pharmacy, everywhere EXCEPT your home (more on this in a few), you have a duty to retreat - you must try and get away.

Now, that sounds easy right? Just turn around and run. But...

1) Putting your back to your attacker is #badideajeans
2) What if you can't? ie. small confined area, icy, disabled, etc...

Sounds silly! You can't tell your attacker to "BACK THE F OFF"...YOU have to try and get away first. Only if you've attempted retreat, or retreat is impossible, can force be authorized by the statute.

Back to last year's legislation -- S.F. 1357: Defense of Dwelling and Person Act of 2011, would have retified this discrepancy, and removed the duty to retreat.

There was plenty of hand-wringing from Joan/Heather and Co (I won't link, but google "Protect" MN)...that this would lead to "blood in the streets"...even though it would NOT have removed the "Reasonable" person standard. Only if faced with a "reasonable" threat of death or great bodily harm, would deadly force have been authorized. Thats something our opponents conveniently leave out of the argument.

When it comes up again this year - I'm hoping that people actually READ the bill -- rather than succumb to catchy names! We need to make law abiding citizens not have to scramble around, looking for an exit, potentially falling down, getting hit in the back, etc... when faced with death or great bodily harm.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

My carrying a handgun...

There, I said it...I regularly carry a handgun (don't worry, I have a permit, and practice all the time!).

It probably goes without saying that my family members' and my life are undeniably important to me. I would do anything for my wife and children.

I do my best to protect them from harm. I have fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, seat belts, insurance...nutritious food, warm clothing....I do everything I can to make sure we stay safe, healthy, and protected...

...including the carrying of a self-defense weapon. In March of 2010, I took a Minnesota Carry Class. I had honestly no intention of ever actually carrying a handgun for defense. I took the class to learn more about the laws and regulations surrounding self-defense, and firearms usage in my home state and Nationwide.

My eyes were opened. Far from a problem "solver" handguns are a problem "maker" if used improperly. For example, simply showing a firearm to someone who perceives it as a threat can be prosecuted as Assault. A felony! In MN, if you or someone else is not in immediate danger of death or great bodily harm - deadly force is NOT authorized by any statute. These are the types of things you must learn and know before choosing to carry a handgun. I'm now rarely without my carry, and usually only for cases where carrying would be a crime (schools, post office etc). This is how I prepare.

It was the class that made me want to look up information concerning firearms. It led me to two sites with information specific to Minnesotans:

Minnesota GunTalk
The Minnesota Carry Forum

Both sites provided me with valuable insight into the intricacies of firearms. There is some bawdy behavior (to be expected on the Intarwebs!) but all in all, a good experience, and I've made many friends.

Learn about firearms. If you're interested, take a carry class. The Minnesota Association of Defensive Firearm Instructors (MADFI) has a great list of talented people.

Take care!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Educating your children

Firearms and children.

Some would have you believe those two words should never, ever, ever (eleventy!!!!111!!!) go together.

Silly isn't it?

I've taught my children respect for firearms since they were old enough to comprehend. They've accompanied me for fall hunting walks in the woods, helped me clean my unloaded firearms, and I've now taken them shooting - well supervised of course.

All my firearms, except my carry, are stored locked up and unloaded - and my carry never leaves my hip (and when it does, is unloaded and secured).

My children (and some of their friends now) have a beginning understanding of the awesome (and potentially terrible) power that is held inside of a firearm. I've tried to dispel their curiosity by giving them unlimited access to handle a firearm in my presence. Now, they're never left unsupervised in the presence of a firearm -- but they also know anytime their curiosity gets the better of them all they have to do is ask, and we'll get them out for "show and tell". Should they come across an unsecured firearm at a friend's, or relative's house -- they know they're not to touch, and to find a grown-up immediately. They repeat this mantra to EVERYONE when asked about "guns".

Once my children are old enough, by the arbitrary standards of the State of MN, they'll take the State sanctioned firearm's safety course. Until then, I'll continue to do what I've done... a RESPONSIBLE PARENT!

The Eddie Eagle program from the NRA is a wonderful program available FREE of charge to anyone would like to educate themselves or their children.

If you see a gun:
Don't Touch.
Leave the Area.
Tell an Adult.

Restating the four rules...#4

I'll start at the back and work my way up.

Rule #4) Identify your target, and what is behind it.

Before pulling the trigger, a shooter has a duty to positively identify their target and what is beyond. It doesn't matter if you're hunting deer, or responding to a home defense situation.

Hollywood does a horrible job of portraying the destructive power of a rifle, pistol or shotgun load. Bullets rarely stop on the first thing they impact (except perhaps for a steel plate, then there's a ricochet, etc etc etc..) - rather they'll continue through to expend their kinetic energy on items behind the intended target.

Keep this in mind before you decide to pull that trigger on the pop can or target board -- whats your backstop look like?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lets get it out of the way...

Joan Peterson -- japete -- @commongunsense...

YEAH RIGHT! (I'm going to do one post and then I'll leave it alone...)

Joan has no Common Sense -- nor does she know anything about firearms safety. Her experiences with firearms stem from her departed sister (murdered by a crazy lunatic - Sean has an excellent summary).

She adapts her sister's tragedy into every single situation regarding firearms. Handguns? Her sister was shot. Concealed carry? Her sister was shot. Rifles? Her sister was shot (and she has "gun-owning friends" so you can trust her).

What a load of crap! Obviously I wish ill on no one, and a murder is a horrible, horrible thing for a family to endure.

I've met Joan one time -- and she lied in front of a legislative hearing. Not only lied, but portrayed all (and I do mean ALL) firearm owners as crazed lunatics. This is how I know shes a liar when stating she has "gun owning friends". If they knew what she was really after, they wouldn't support her...period....but life goes on.

...and so do we. As Joan slips slowly (or faster) into irrelevance, she becomes more and more shrill in her insular little enclave of the north. Enjoy retirement Joan! We'll perservere without you just fine.

I lit a candle...

...and I'll never be a "victim" of gun violence. I choose my own destiny. I mourn the dead, and I deplore violence...I simply choose NOT to be a victim.



"Hi, my name is Pat and I'm a gun blogger!"

Its about TIME Pat -- I mean, you've been posting all this stuff for the last year on Twitter under a weird name -- hazmatpat -- whats that all about....former life -- thats all.

Ok, so here I am. I'm here to make a difference in Firearm Safety for MN, the US, and the World. One step at a time.

The four rules according to Jeff Cooper

1.All guns are always loaded. Even if they are not, treat them as if they are.
2.Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. (For those who insist that this particular gun is unloaded, see Rule 1.)
3.Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target. This is the Golden Rule. Its violation is directly responsible for about 60 percent of inadvertent discharges.
4.Identify your target, and what is behind it. Never shoot at anything that you have not positively identified.

I also plan on dispelling common misconceptions, and downright lies perpetuated by the "antis" (aka. Brandy Campaign, Joan Peterson, Heather Martens, 'Protect MN', etc.). "Protect MN" (sheesh) -- they'd rather disarm MN...

So, here I am -- come and get it!