Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Martin/Zimmerman Shooting

By now, you've all probably been inundated with coverage of the unfortunate incident of Trayvon Martin in Sanford FL. Needless to say, the gun-control fanatics are so absolutely salivating over this incident there are not even words to describe my disgust. Sebastian has a pretty good summary of this all over at his place.

Even japete is in on the "blood dancing" over at her blog "". I won't provide a link since I don't think she should get the stats, but look it up for yourself. I submitted a comment for publishing, and it made it through her "Reasoned Discourse" filter. Judge for yourself if I was out of line with this comment (and check out her response):

In her responses, she spouts the party lines so frequently I almost think her blog is occasionally ghost-written by the interns at CSGV. Joan, it SHOULD be hard to prosecute people due to a lack of evidence. Your complaint isn't with "Stand Your Ground" or firearm owners - its with something called "Due Process" of law that we have here in the US.

Did the Sanford PD botch the investigation? No. Its ongoing, and now involves the Justice Dept. due to the "racial" overtones. In the absence of over-whelming evidence to the contrary, the Sanford PD didn't have anything other than a body at the scene of the crime and the words of an injured Zimmerman. Due process of law dictates that without evidence to the contrary, you don't unlawfully arrest someone just "because" - no matter how much of a bad taste that puts into the public's and media's mouths. Contrary to the other side's assertions - Zimmerman represents lawful firearm owners/carriers about as much as the Westboro Baptist Church represents Christians.

Let me say again for the record, the evidence at this point seems to show Mr. Zimmerman is guilty of being a mall ninja, and taking his "authority" out on an innocent teenage boy. For this, he should be subjected to trial by an impartial jury.

All this has led me to this thought. Sometimes people do bad things, and unfortunately, other peoples' lives are indelibly effected by this. The best we can do is prepare ourselves and our children for that.

Prayers for the Martin and Zimmerman families, that they may find peace and justice in this troubling time.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home Defense

My 870 Express wearing a Blackhawk Knoxx Stock, 2 round mag extension, and "breacher" style muzzle break. Between the Knoxx Stock and muzzle break, brings the recoil down to a mild .410 like kick, even from slugs and 3" buckshot. I keep it filled with Federal #4 Buckshot.

My carry pistol, xD45 Compact with Pierce Grip Extensions (for that hanging pinky).

The pictures are my way of channeling Oleg Volk! Seriously though, a decent pump shotgun and pistol should be in everyone's home safe (along with training in how to use them). There are plenty of options for keeping these out of curious hands as well. Best option is a bedside electronic or biometric safe like this guy for your pistol. Full sized safe or cabinet for the shotty kept somewhere close by.

As always, stay safe.


This is why we win...

More women are learning to shoot...

See...according to our opponents, this doesn't happen. They'd prefer to continue lying to themselves, while maintaining their Joyce Foundation funding.

Keep it up ladies! Anyone wants to shoot in Saint Paul, just let me know. Oakdale Gun Club is but a short drive away, and I'm a member.

See you at the range!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ammunition Terminology

So - every now and then someone in the media gets it in their heads to try and explain ammunition to the market. They undoubtedly get it wrong.

For starters...these are bullets:

When combined with brass/steel case, powder, and a primer -- they make a loaded cartridge like these:

Now, there are different kinds of bullets -- but generally, most jacketed bullets (so called due to the copper cladding on the exterior) fall into two categories, soft/hollow point (SP/HP) or Full Metal Jacket (FMJ).

Hollow or soft-point (HP/SP) bullets are typically chosen for hunting and self-defense applications due to their "expansion" as they impact tissue. This expansion increases the overall diameter of the bullet, causing more damage as it passes through. Contrary to popular belief, they do not "explode" once inside tissue. Conversely, full metal jacketed (FMJ) rounds typically expand very little, if at all.

These are Federal and Speer handgun ammunition. From left to right:

1) Speer Gold Dot .45 JHP 230gr
2) Federal Hydrashok .45 JHP 230gr
3) Federal Guard Dog .45 EMJ 165gr
4) Federal American Eagle .45FMJ 230gr

You can see the expansion of the first three, and the lack thereof for the fourth. The expansion causes the bullet to expend its kinetic energy rather quickly upon entering tissue, thereby reducing penetration. The issue with non-expanding ammo for self-defense would be that, were you to ever have to use it, it might go right on through your intended target, and into whatever is beyond before it fully expends its energy.

Carry ammunition is a personal choice, but as my carry permit instructor always said, you're responsible for every bullet that comes out. I'd rather they stay where I put them.

Keep on keepin' on.