Monday, April 30, 2012

Women and guns

A "noted" gun control advocate here in Minnesota (who won't be linked since I don't want to drive her Google ranking up) is also involved in Women's Domestic Violence issues here in the state as well.

Before going too far into this, I will absolutely support a woman's right to be free from violence of any type (foreign or domestic). Joan on the other hand - though she pays it lip service - actually advocates for female victims to be defenseless against their aggressors. In numerous examples on her blog, she states that people should simply comply with their aggressors, and that they'll come out ok. When pushed by commentors as to whether she advocates for women to be armed against rape, she undoubtedly comes back with an obfuscation or smoke screen...never making a firm statement either way. Such as this...

Here's the article she linked. I'm thinking she missed a portion of it.

To reiterate her position on resisting an atacker, here's her in a recent blog post about a defensive shooting at the Aldi's in Milwaukee:

...I carry to prevent the "maybes" Joan....and I advocate that all women do as well! They should be given the tools to fight back as effectively as possible.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Failure of "Gun Control"

I came of age during the "hayday" of the American Gun Control movement...late 80's, early 90's. "Assault Weapons" Ban, Brady Checks...things were looking good for Handgun Control Inc Brady Campaign.

Flip that around -- expiration of "Assault Weapons" Ban, record numbers of states amending carry laws, record numbers of firearms purchased, carry permit increase, Discovery Channel programming, etc etc etc.

What changed? Why/how did the US go from "Gunz R bad" to "Guns are cool"?

I put that on the growth of the Internet, and the freedom of information residing on it. For years, the Anti's and Laddites spewed factually incorrect GARBAGE about the capabilities of firearms, the "inherrent" dangers, and made up numbers. People really had no way of refuting it, short of listening to the recitations from the media. Enter the era of wide-spread access to the Internet.

Lo and behold, turns out firearms aren't the "mass-murdering machines" we've all been led to believe....turns out shooting is actually quite an enjoyable time. Turns out its actually LEGAL to carry a concealed weapon (subject to State and local laws of course)!

Nowadays, the "Anti's" can't make a single statement in the media, Facebook, Twitter or in person without it being thoroughly fisked before they can even shut down the laptop. Most Americans understand that forearm owners and users aren't the mass-murdering criminals they've been portrayed to be.

Plus, a beautiful night out at the range is a thing of beauty!

Thank you Internet! I think I owe you a cold one!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rule #2 Violation Claims Life of MN Marine in TX

"Pavelko has said the shooting of his buddy was an accident. Police say Pavelko told investigators that the two men were joking around after dinner and had no idea that the shotgun was loaded.
Pavelko allegedly was handling the shotgun, pointed it at Talley and it discharged. A woman was also at the home at the time of the shooting."


Rule #1: Its always loaded
Rule #2: Don't point it at anything you don't want to destroy
Rule #3: Keep your finger off the trigger
Rule #4: Be Sure of your target

Even when "joking" - pointing ANY firearm at anyone as a "joke" is despicable, and should be grounds for immediate verbal "smack-down" and possible termination of friendship. At the very least, it requires immediate correction.

That is all.