Monday, April 30, 2012

Women and guns

A "noted" gun control advocate here in Minnesota (who won't be linked since I don't want to drive her Google ranking up) is also involved in Women's Domestic Violence issues here in the state as well.

Before going too far into this, I will absolutely support a woman's right to be free from violence of any type (foreign or domestic). Joan on the other hand - though she pays it lip service - actually advocates for female victims to be defenseless against their aggressors. In numerous examples on her blog, she states that people should simply comply with their aggressors, and that they'll come out ok. When pushed by commentors as to whether she advocates for women to be armed against rape, she undoubtedly comes back with an obfuscation or smoke screen...never making a firm statement either way. Such as this...

Here's the article she linked. I'm thinking she missed a portion of it.

To reiterate her position on resisting an atacker, here's her in a recent blog post about a defensive shooting at the Aldi's in Milwaukee:

...I carry to prevent the "maybes" Joan....and I advocate that all women do as well! They should be given the tools to fight back as effectively as possible.


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