Thursday, June 14, 2012

Condition White

Being aware of your surroundings. What does that mean?

It means know whats going on around you. The conditions, the mood, the people, the animals, the can mean the difference between walking safely, and getting hit by a truck!

Our opponents appear to believe that, somehow, having any type of situational awareness of your surroundings is limited solely to "combat" and has no place other than that.


Keeping your wits about you is simply common doesn't call for it only in a combat situation. Out and about in a city, the woods, a lake, anywhere - maintaining an awareness of your surroundings is a great way to stay out of potential trouble of the two-legged, four-legged, electrical, traffic, etc varieties!


P.S. #pointandlaugh

Must have struck a nerve...

So, apparently either the pointing and laughing...or constantly insisting that they tell the truth must have finally struck a nerve over at the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership. In grand @CSGV style I've been "outed" as a gun blogger! I feel this is a momentous occasion, and I'll celebrate tomorrow by going to the range. Gee whiz guys...little old me bugging you? Is it because you don't like the truth being told in amongst all your lies? It's you who didn't answer my question about the nutcase in Seattle. Was he convicted of an offense that would disqualify him from owning firearms? No. Had his "mental illness" ever been medically documented? No. Keep on reaching though, apparently we're all just one wooden ball away from snapping! Pat P.S. #pointandlaugh #pointandlaugh